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Thir13en & Mayfair is a SAP compliant, energy efficient and low-carbon building solution development company constructing ‘A rated’ Sustainable Homes. We have over 35 years in the construction industry; knowledge gained not only within the UK but from around the world. The best practice design principles and processes we employ have helped us participate in building many buildings around the world including the US and the UK. We are experts in lightweight low carbon building systems – we take a ‘fabric first’ approach which reduces energy demands considerably whilst minimising carbon emissions and consequently the carbon footprint.


Lightweight Low Carbon Building Systems...

...comprehensively underpinned by sustainable design principles. Our designs focus a great deal of attention on ensuring that our development proposals will meet high standards of sustainable design and construction - minimising any potential impact they may have on the environment.

Our developments address a host of issues including environmentally friendly materials, sustainable waste management, ecology and biodiversity and sustainable management of surface water run-off. Our design ethos will also mean that homes will have renewable energy technology where practicable.


All dwellings are built to very high standard of energy efficiency with high levels of insulation and air tightness. The result of this fabric-first approach will be to reduce energy demands considerably whilst helping to ensure energy running costs are kept low. This will minimise carbon emissions and consequently minimise the carbon footprint of the whole development in construction and use.