Sustainable Housing

Our homes are constructed with the future of the environment in mind. Where designs permit our houses will generate more electricity than they use, thus both alieviating fuel poverty and helping to save the planet. Our homes will all be capable of surviving several days without conventional power by using stored energy. All appliances, fittings and materials will be specified with great attention to a low carbon footprint and minimal waste in manufacture and use. Performance and end-user needs are all very carefully considered in the design phase.

Each house will be built from highly insulated prefabricated materials resulting in minimal waste. The structures will be airtight to a high standard whilst mechanically ventilated with heat recovery and humidity controllers. This will allow for their occupants to manage their own dust free microclimate affording a cleaner, healthier and continuous airflow through the house (this will particularly aid those with allergies and asthma).

Homezone Estate

The use of heat exchangers and thermodynamic panels ensures a hot water supply – pumped around the house to the water storage tanks. Where designs permit, all pumps and ventilation will be powered by the electricity produced from the sun. Any excess electricity can be stored in batteries to power each home’s electrical appliances.

Such developments will ensure that human impact is minimised - balance is the key to life and arguably the natural equilibrium needs to be balanced again by lowering CO2. Our developments stand as an example that not only is a clean future possible but it’s also the right thing to do..